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A Little About Us

In the 1980’s the Pacific Northwest was the hotbed of sandcastle activity in the world. The World Championships were held on the black sands of White Rock, BC attracting crowds of over 200,000. White Rock was the first organized sand sculpting event in the world (1907) and by the 70’s had become far and away the largest attended event, attracting crowds of over 200,000 and a $5,000 first place prize money for the best sandcastle. SSC is the product of these contests and the teams that competed against each other some 35 years ago when everything was called a sandcastle and washed away in the high tide at the end of the day.

Sand sculpture events are no longer limited to competitions and SSC has been a pioneer in moving this medium off the beach and into shopping malls, hotel lobbies, sports stadiums, and trade shows throughout the world. To date SSC has created over 600 professional sand sculptures in 35 countries ranging from a few tons of sand to the largest sculpture art park in the world using 1,500 semi-truck loads of sand in Kuwait City in 2013.

SSC has also broken 8 world records in sand sculpture that date back to 1986, a record that no other crew can lay claim to in the world. It was also during this time that Ted Siebert published the Art of Sandcastling -1990, what the American Library Association said in review was “an important book for all library collections.” At the same time, the World Championships of Sand Sculpture was relocated to Harrison Hot Springs, BC and a new era of professional sand sculpting had begun, in part to what was going on the beautiful ocean beaches of the Pacific Northwest just a few years prior.

The sculpting crew at Kuwait City, 2013. The largest sculpture park in the world- 33,000 tons of sand (1,500 semi-truck loads) and a crew of 72 for two months.

Team Biographies

Ted Siebert

Owner | Master Sculptor

Milwaukee, WI

An artist by background and training, Ted discovered that sand sculpting is the ideal combination of art and sport. Beginning as a co-captain of the competitive team Totally in Sand in the 80’s he has helped set eight-world records in sand sculpture duly noted by Guinness World Records. Ted has won a number of major competitions over his 35 year career.

Ted is the author of the acclaimed The Art of Sandcastling and the not so acclaimed Sandcastle in a Box, but made up for be being recognized in the book, The Sculpture Reference, as one of 288 leading contemporary sculptors. Ted has also taught sculpture at SCAD as a guest artist in Savannah. Along with sand, he carves wood, paints in oil and will someday finish a novel titled “Halloween was Yesterday” based on a true story from his youth when the annual trick or treating festivities were moved from Sunday to Saturday and everyone in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho seemed to have gotten the Halloween bulletin except the Siebert family on Fernan Hill.

Siebert got his A.A. degree from North Idaho College where his father taught for 30 years. The Siebert Building at NIC named after Ted’s father Harlan is also the same building Ted took his first class - Painting 101 as a college sophomore.

Ted graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Creative Writing, He has published several titles as an illustrator and author. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Ted now resides in the Milwaukee area and is restoring a National Historic Landmark – the Goll Mansion in his spare time. Ted has three grown children in the Chicago area-, Danielle, Nic and Augustus, and grandson -Anthony, and granddaughters Joes, and Charlotte

Damon Langlois

Creative Director

Victoria, British Columbia

As an Industrial Designer, Damon uses his technical and artistic skills on the sand pile. As world record holder, a solo and four-time World Champion and twelve-time Canadian Champion with his competition team, Damon feels sand sculpting is the most amazing and intense medium where he can apply performance, engineering, and artistic expression in one medium.

A graduate of Carleton University, Damon owns and operates Codetta a product design company based in Victoria, British Columbia. Along with 13 patents, Codetta received the 2011 Spark Pro Silver Award, a Best Products of 2002 by Business Week and USA today: and a Red Dot Design honorable mention.

Damon and his wife Charlotte, also a sand sculptor, live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada where they are raising their sons Roan and Ziggy in their stunning Architectural home he designed and built.

Fred Dobbs

Lead Sculptor

Victoria, British Columbia

Fred's first exposure to sand sculpting was at the age of 5 on an Ireland Beach with his father. Fred sat on the beach quiet as a mouse and feet extended out while his father built a race car around him. It affected him greatly because in the 35 years we have known each other he hasn’t stopped talking about it to the media!

After the family moved to Canada from Ireland, Fred discovered sand sculpting again in the mid 1980's and headed a team that has had a devastatingly long record of wins for both the Sandblasters team and then the known as Sand Boxers. Winning several Canadian, U.S., and World Championships. By the early 1990's, Fred began sculpting professionally, first as a sand sculptor on the road and then in a bronze foundry back home in Victoria. Fred was part of the 2015 and 1993 Guinness World Record team.

Fred balances his 35-year sculpting career between sand and his work in public bronze sculptures that are on display throughout British Columbia. He has served as president of the sculpture guild of Vancouver Island and works with a number of sculpture parks and walks throughout Western Canada. Fred lives on Mayne Island with his partner Lisa and has a grown son Shay in Victoria.

Martin De Zoete

Lead Sculptor

Poznan, Poland

Graduated from Delft University of Technology with a degree in architecture. Won best architecture at the World Championships in 1999. He has been a professional sand and ice sculptors for the best of 20 plus years now. Martin is both something of a rival, see sawing world records against us, some successful others not so successful (Sorry Martin), but we’re doing our best to get him over on our side and he loves visiting North America. We’re happy to have such a talented man.

Martin, originally from Holland resides with his wife Marcela, a professor of Japanese language at Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan. The two have a terrific backstory with their children’s names Frederick and Wilma.

Buck Hoover

Project Manager

Boulder, CO

Buck Hoover grew up in land locked Woodstock, Illinois came into sand sculpture by having the good fortune of sitting next to the owner’s daughter Danielle and becoming her best friend in 9th grade Algebra. Before Buck could drive a car, he was packing sand for us during summer vacations and between swim meets in high school and college. That was 17 years ago, and Buck is still involved with sand sculpture and thank goodness for us on the big scale projects as a project manager.

Buck is a graduate of Carthage University in Environmental Science. He is an avid outdoorsman and strict small footprint environmentalist. After graduation he bolted from the corn fields of Illinois to Colorado and immediately worked his way to become a professional mountain guide in his spare time while he worked in a classified job for a satellite company. He is an experienced Class 5 rock climber, surfs a bit and farms with his dog Leroy in Boulder, Colorado. He also hails from a creative family. His mother Denise Hoover is a noted artist from Woodstock, IL who got her MFA in Painting after retiring at the age of 65 in the insurance business.