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Sand sculpting events are a huge draw and can be an excellent opportunity to promote businesses, local tourism, and more. Hire us to create eye-catching sculptures and grab the attention of the media and the public.

We develop sand sculpting events worldwide, such as in Taiwan, Kuwait, and other countries. All events in the middle east are held at night because it gets too hot during the day.

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The Remal Festival

The World’s Largest Sand Sculpture Park

SSC creates sand sculpture parks and festivals that celebrate our clients’ culture and diversity, promote the arts, embrace community involvement, and promote local and international tourism. One of the most involved examples of this work is the Remal International Festival, built from 2013 to 2014 in Kuwait City.

We conceptualized, designed, and managed the construction of the world’s largest sand sculpture event. It took 30,000 tons of sand and 3 months to build with 70 sculptors and many more laborers.

Guinness World Record

The Tallest Sandcastle at 45’ 10.25” Tall

A sand sculpture event has many dimensions of promotional value. People and the media are fascinated by the process of creating sand sculptures on a small scale. A giant-scale sculpture goes beyond fascination and will create incredible buzz and media exposure.

SSC was hired to build the world’s tallest sandcastle as a promotion for Turkish Airlines in 2015 in the city of Miami. We achieved the Guinness Record at 45’ 10.25” tall. This garnered an amazing amount of media attention. Turkish airlines received a much higher value for their investment in the event, including a 2-minute spot on the ABC national news easily valued at over $300,000.

Besides the national television exposure, this event was on many other news channel sites, blogs, and other peripheral web spaces. The event had hundreds of thousands of views online.

Taiwan Beach Event

Over 350,000 Visitors

Beach events are another specialty of the Sand Sculpture Company. For five years, SSC worked with the Taiwan Tourism Ministry to develop a sand sculpture festival event on beautiful Fulong Beach on the Coastline of Taipei, a 90-minute train ride from Taipei City.

The first few events were large sculptures introducing the Asian culture to our craft. Over time, the event grew, and it went big by 2011. SSC was responsible for 54 of the sculptures that year, along with many local artists.

If you enjoy reading the numbers and want to know how effective a large sand sculpture is for promotions, we invite you to read this 80-page document by the tourism ministry. They didn’t miss a thing. The beach sand festival is a proven draw, and SSC can help make that happen.

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