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2015 Guinness World Record - Tallest Sandcastle - 45.85'

8 Time Guinness World Record Holders

It’s official! Guinness has named our sandcastle which was built in Miami. FL for Turkish Airlines, the tallest sandcastle — standing at a height of 45.85′.

Achieving a World Record is a difficult task! Technical and mechanical knowledge of sand castle building is essential. Many have tried…only a few of succeeded.

The Sand Sculpture Company are proud owners of 8 Guinness World Records; an accomplishment no other sand crew can lay claim to! The latest being the world’s tallest sandcastle at cascading a height of 45.85″ from 1800 tons of sand.

Not only are the sculptors under their own personal challenge; but also guidelines set forth by Guinness, a careful eye of an official record keeper, surveyor, and an enormous amount of media.

The category of tallest hand-built sculpture requires sculptors to shovel, pack and carve all areas from start to finish within a specified time frame (no machinery is allowed). It is a challenge of strength, planning, and artistic ability (“or blood, sweat and skill”). Our last record was approximately 200 tons of sand, carved in 92 man hours.

Official Guinness World Records set by The Sand Sculpture Company

World’s Tallest Sand Castle

  • 45.85′ Set in Miami, Florida October 26, 2015

World’s Tallest Hand Shoveled Sand Sculpture

  • 34′ 8 5/8″ Set in Tacoma, Washington January 2008
  • 24′ .02″ Set in DuQuoin, Illinois on September 2, 1998
  • 21′ 6″ Set in Harrison Hot Springs, B.C. on September 21, 1993
  • 19′ 6″ Set in Harrison Hot Springs, B.C. on October 15, 1991
  • 17′ 5 3/4″ Set in Harrison Hot Springs, B. C. on April 15, 1990

World’s Longest Sand Sculpture

  • 6.53 miles Set in Long Beach, Washington on June 3, 1990
  • 2.97 miles Set in Long Beach, Washington on July 28, 1989

2008 Guinness World Record - tallest hand shoveled - 34' 8 5/8"

1998 Guinness World Record - tallest hand shoveled - 24' .02"

1990 Guinness World Record - longest hand shoveled - 6.53 miles