Sand Sculpture Projects Around the World

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Sand sculpture events are no longer limited to competitions. SSC has been a pioneer in moving this medium off the beach and into shopping malls, hotel lobbies, sports stadiums, and trade shows worldwide.

To date, SSC has done over 600 professional sand sculpture projects in 35 countries. The projects range from a few tons of sand to the largest sculpture art park in the world, using 1,500 semi-truck loads of sand in Kuwait City in 2013.

SSC has also broken 8 world records in sand sculpture that date back to 1986 —an achievement that no other crew can lay claim to in the world. It was also during this time that Ted Siebert published The Art of Sandcastling in 1990. The American Library Association called it “an important book for all library collections” in a review.

A New Era

The World Championships of Sand Sculpture was relocated to Harrison Hot Springs, BC, where a new era of professional sand sculpting began. The relocation was partly because of what was happening on the beautiful ocean beaches of the Pacific Northwest just a few years prior.

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Tallest Sandcastle